Avura is on a mission to enhance the sanitization process for indoor spaces — from top to bottom. Designed to reach where other products can’t, Avura adds another layer of defense to your cleaning protocols by stopping odor-causing bacteria, viruses, allergens and other pathogens in their tracks. Give cleaning a whole new meaning. With Avura, the clean is clear.
  • Avūra Pulse

    Avūra Pulse

    The Pulse uses exclusive PulseTECH™ to deliver limited concentrations of ozone into the air to sanitiz...

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  • Avūra Micro3

    Avūra Micro3

    Designed for use in vehicles, the Micro is a portable ozone generator that keeps cars and trucks sanitized and odir-free on the go.

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  • Avūra XL Battery

    Avūra XL Battery

    Specially designed for use with the Pulse, the rechargeable lithium-ion battery allows you to more flexibility when cleaning indoors.

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    The Avūra Pulse uses the power of ozone to remove the toughest smells, including odors from cigarette smoke, litter box, garbage, stale food and milk, pet urine and poop, dead animals and stinky clothing. Deodorize your entire home safely with Avūra ozone.


    The ozone generated by the Avūra Pulse will also sanitize your home from volatile organic compounds, including mold, bacteria and viruses such as all types of influenza, the common cold and more. Sanitize your home safely with Avūra ozone.


    The Avūra Pulse can also be used to purify your home by effectively removing airborne allergens and irritants and pathogenic organisms. This can help ease symptoms for asthma and allergy sufferers. Purify the air in your home safely with Avūra ozone.

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99.9% Effective Against Airborne Viruses
Kills Harmful Bacteria
Process for
Overnight use


The Avura Pulse featurs a patented technology that delivers safe
concentrations of ozone into the air in short, controlled durations to deodorize without harming your home's interior, furniture, carpet, fabrics or plastics.

  • Variable Ozone Output
  • Safe Controlled Microdoses
  • Protects Furniture
  • Protects Fabrics
  • Protects Plastics


Learn more about the Pulse and the science behind ozone.